Things to Do

Whatever the goal of your stay with us we’ll do our best to make sure it happens. There’s an endless list of things to experience here at DeWagendrift or around the Loskop Valley area in general.


Read, Write, Paint, Relax in stunning peaceful surroundings that you simply won’t find back at home or the office!

Photograph your favourite subjects - or some you’ve never thought of – in idyllic, safe conditions.

Celebrate a family birthday under the trees and by the pool. De Wagendrift Estate is the perfect place to spend the weekend, blow out a few candles, have fun and say goodbye to another year.

Help with animal management and hunt responsibly in specially designed hides using bow & arrow or rifle.

Fish several sites around our dam. Enjoy the fun of tag ‘n release and the stunning bird life that inhabits the dam area.

Bird-watch in the open or visit our custom-built aviary which is home to some spectacular species of birds both large and small.

Animal watch by day or night from the safety and comfort of one of our 4WD vehicles. Our trails criss-cross the property ensuring you get to see a huge variety of animals up close and personal.

Swim or simply laze by the pool – it’s your choice when you’re ready to cool off and leave behind the hectic pace of the big smoke.

Kayak on our dam and experience some the delightful wildlife you’ll discover while out on the water. Thankfully you won’t see any crocodiles.

Trail Ride. Subject to conditions you can even trail ride on the property. Ideally chat to Piet or Let when you book to learn more about what’s possible.

Flora and Fauna. There’s some stunning stuff to see on our property. The Cultural Heartland is home to the Lanatus Cycad which is indigenous and unique to the region and a range of wild flowers such as arum lilies can be seen during summer.

Explore. For our international visitors or even locals who are making their first foray to the area it’s easy to drive around the valley and discover citrus and crocodile farms, superb vineyards, a ceramic factory, a cotton gin and of course the stunning Loskop Dam with all its offerings.


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